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  • Do you accept my insurance?
    Yes, we accept most insurances including insurance from people who have been hurt in a car accident. However, since there are so many different plans and coverage options, we will only be able to answer specific insurance coverage questions after we have your specific insurance information.​​ We will collect your insurance information on your first visit. Your insurance coverage along with any out-of-pocket expenses that you may encounter will be discussed with you before starting care. If you need to know your insurance coverage prior to your first appointment, we encourage you to call your insurance company and verify your chiropractic benefits. Payments and copays are due at time of service unless other arrangements have been made.
  • What if I don't have insurance?
    For many individuals that are uninsured, underinsured or have high deductible health plans our care is affordable enough that they will just pay out of pocket for their care. We also offer care through a national discount medical plan called ChiroHealth USA for those who prefer that option.
  • How do I know if chiropractic is right for me?
    That’s what we’re here for. While we believe the care we provide is a great option most of the time, we’re also happy to give you other options and referrals if we determine that’s a better option. We invite you to schedule your first appointment so we can learn more about your needs.
  • What type of patients do you see?
    We pride ourselves on being able to care for patients of many different ages, backgrounds, and health conditions. Here's some examples of the types of conditions we that we have helped: Headaches or migraines Back or neck pain Arm or leg pain Shoulder pain Carpal tunnel Scoliosis Sciatica Whiplash Disc injuries Sports injuries Chiropractic for kids Chiropractic during pregnancy Vertigo
  • Do you treat people who have been hurt in a car accident?
    Yes. We are well versed in the pain and discomfort associated with those injured in an automobile accident. So if you are looking for relief from back, neck, or body pain as a result of your automobile accident, you have found the right place.
  • Do you help people with sports injuries?
    Yes. Whether you are a top-level athlete or a weekend warrior, we can treat sports injuries involving the back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, and more.
  • Do you treat kids?
    Yes. We care for kids from all ages from newborn through high school ages.
  • Can I get adjusted if I'm pregnant?
    Yes! Getting chiropractic adjustments during your pregnancy is safe and provides great benefits to moms to be. Our pregnant patients get benefits including: pain relief, more comfortable pregnancies and some have even reported quicker labor times compared to their previous pregnancies where they were not under chiropractic care.
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